Covid-19 – Do’s and Don’ts in Quarantine

what are covid19 do's and dont

Hi friends

As you know what we are facing nowadays, there is so much fear has spread all over the world. Peoples are getting affected so fast with covid-19, just with a touch. So the Government  of India has announced there will be no gathering allowed, work from home is declared for people who all are working in the company, wear mask when you are out, use sanitizers, drink water every hour, etc.

This situation is so much serious but still, some people are taking it as a joke. They are not bothering what is all happening all over the world, people of their own country are getting affected also dying, even in their cities. They are just busy with their regular meetings, gathering n all. Some stupid families are enjoying their holidays as it a summer vacation going on, going for a picnic. God gives some understanding to such people.

Actors, bloggers, social influencers, government, YouTubers, tiktokers,  everyone is busy in spreading awareness. Still, some are not taking this seriously. In India, people are not ready to understand what this virus can do with them and their families. Shops, Malls, Theaters, Events, Matches, everything is closed due to government notice. Folks are told to be in Quarantine till everything gets normal. But the problem with Indians is they never take things seriously, some peoples are so mean they aren’t taking precautions even knowing everything, and some peoples are affected still hiding with friends and families and still chilling with them. These are literate people. God help the Indians.

So as this is the 3rd day of quarantine. Mosques, Mandirs, Churches, Gurudwaras, all holy places are closing. Today was the last prayer in the mosque in my society. An announcement was done by a doctor regarding things to do and not to do during quarantine. After listening I thought it is worth sharing things as most of us a lack of knowledge with this deadly virus.

Do’s  in Quarantine:  

Don’t think what will you do the whole day sitting home. There are so many things you can do sitting at home. Some are as follows,

  • Complete Isolation: Avoid going out of the house completely. Only go out to buy your regular needs. Isolate yourself at home.
  • Vitamin D: If people with low vitamin D are getting affected the virus will multiply faster in them. So these people should sit in the sun rays (In-Home) early in the morning.
  • Regular Exercise: The basic need for your body and your metabolism.
  • Pray at home.
  • Drink warm water every hour.
  • Wash Hands Regularly
  • Use sanitizer’s when you touch someone
  • Use tissue/hands during cough
  • Learn some crafting online
  • Bath with a warm water
  • Learn some new things: Things you wanted to learn for a long time but can’t because of a busy schedule. Do it now. Don’t waste this free time.
  • Read:  Read books and Increase knowledge and imagination.
  • Help you Mother: Please help your mother or family member who does work at home. As they’ll feel better and you will learn some new things. Even learn to cook. I hope you’ll love it.
  • Share your knowledge with Family: Spend this quality time with your family as most of us don’t get much time. Stop using the phone all the time and share your things to make them laugh.


Stop doing these, please.  Avoid things like:

  • Consuming cold food: Don’t eat cold foods like Ice cream, Soft drinks, Coldwater, also cold things.
  • Using cold things: As this virus multiplies in cold weather please avoid using Ac at home.
  • Touching face
  • Shaking Hands
  • Touching things outside
  • Hugging friends and family
  • Touching kids and old ones without doing precautions when you came from outside.

Please do follow these things and comment on things that we can do and not do and help others increase their knowledge and make them aware.

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