Corona Virus – A Message from Italy Citizen


So guys, every one knows about this deadly virus and its first time we Human Beings are dealing with such virus. So our body is not prepared for such viruses.

Every country is giving Red Alert because of the speed of the spreding of this virus. But some people are still not taking it seriously. They are hanging out with friends, family, meetings, office work, etc. Some families are going for trips as their childrens have got holidays, Seriously!!!  

These message I am going to share with you is from the Citizen of Italy. Just read it carefully and please try to Understand what problems we are going to face in couple of days if we don’t take precautions.

A Message from Italy

If you are still hanging with friends, going to restaurants and acting like this isn’t a big deal, this message is for you!

To the rest of the world , you have “no idea what is coming

As everybody knows Italy is o quarantine because of the coronavirus outbreak. And last day 368 people got dead because of it. Still you people aren’t serious. This situation is very bad, but what is worse is seeing the rest of the world behaving as if it is not going to happen to them.

We know what you are thinking because few days back we were in your place too. Just see how things got worse….You have chance and time to take precautions.

#Day 1:

You know that coronavirus exists, & the first few cases begin to appear in your country.

Well nothing to worry, its just a bad flu !

I am not 70+ so what could possibly happen to me?

I am safe, everyone is overreacting, whats the need to go out with face masks?

I am going to live my life as usual, there is no need to freak out.

#Day 2:

Number of cases starts to be significant.

They declared red zone and quarantine one or two cities where they found the first cases.

Well that’s sad but thet are taking care of it so noting to panic about.

There are some deaths but they are all old people  so the media is just creating panic for TRP, how shameful.

I am not going to stop going out & meeting my friend, am I?

It is not going to get me. Everybosys fine!

#Day 3:

The number of cases is rapidly going up

They almost doubled in a day.

They declared red zones & quarantine the 4 regions where  the majority of cases are registered.

Now 25 % of Italy is under quarantine.

Schools and colleges are closed in these areas but restaurants bars, work places and so on are still open.

And more than 10k people from the red zone escape from the area and return to their homes in the rest of Italy (this creatred a big problem as with them virus got spread)


#Day 4:

People don’t realize the seriousness of the situation. Everywhere you turn people advise to wash your hands every 5 minutes on TV they remind you of these rules. But it still hasn’t settled in peoples mind.

The number of cases is increasing.

Schools and colleges are closed everywhere for a month.

Its now a national emergency.

Hospitals are at capacity, entire units are cleared to make space for coronavirus patients.

As we have one of finest treatment centres. But we don’t have enough doctors and nurses.

They are calling retired ones and those in their last 2 years of university.

Ofcourse doctors and nurses are getting infected, spreading it to their families.

At this point is like being at war:

 Doctors have to choose who treat only based on their survival chance. Like people whos age is above 70 thet aren’t going to be admitted for treatment as they are already suffering from some disease so they cannot suffer the pain and medications are getting over on them. I am sorry to say like this but this is what happening so they are not treating aged ones.

Ther patients cant get trated because corona cases have priority. There are not much resources available  for everyone.

I wish I was joking but its literally what has happened. People have died because there was not any more spaces.

#Day 5:

Remember the 10K peoplewho ran from the red zone to the rest of Italy?

Because of them, the entire country has to be declared under quarantine on march 9.

The Goal is to stop sreading of the virus as much as possible.

People can go to work, do shopping, go to the pharmacy, and all business and offices are still open because of the fear of collapsing in economy.

Now there is fear, you see a lot of people with masks and gloves around but there are still are people who think they are immune, who go to restaurants in groups, hangout with friends so on.

#Day 6:

Two days later, its announced that all most businesses are closed: restaurants, shopping centres, all kinds of shops etc. except supermarkets and pharmacies.

You can move around only if you have certification with you. The certification is an official document where you declare your name, where youre coming from, where you are going and what for.

Please guys learn from  this and don’t do mistakes which our people has done. Please take it serious if your country is not on red Alert yet. Stay at home. That’s the only way to stop these virus from spreading.

If the person has it he almost meets and shakes hands around 100 people a day. If that 100 folks touch their faces with that hands they got affected and just imagine they have been touching so many places. If those places on surface, hotels, vehicles, taps, doors, etc is being touched by other people and they didn’t washed their hands and used it on mouths they too are getting affected by it.

Just understand the process it too dangerous to be out. And if you feeling sick go check it out if you are ok or not. If not please get immediately admitted. Don’t meet people don’t spread it more. And warn the people you have met from last 4-5 days to check themselves because they must have been affected too because as you know these virus stays with you around multiple days before affecting completely.

Please Stay Home As Much As Possible. Listen to the experts and ignore morons.

Ask not what staying home can do for you, but what staying home on the couch can do for the country.

 Don’t do it for you do it for the country, the new generation because they are going to be affected in future because of you.

Be safe wear masks.

#BeCalm #StayHome #WashHands #UseHankerchief 

Content Credit: Jason Yanowitz

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