Diet for Winters – Healthy and Warming foods

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to post this one in December, but was busy with work and misplaced this blog. So as I got it now I thought, why not now? In this, I am going to share with you some foods, spices which you can add in your daily diet for warming naturally.

In winter keeping yourself warm from covering with woolen clothes is not the only thing, you should also consume some diet which will help you to keep warn internally too. For warming, there are some foods, spices, and drinks which will help you keep yourself warm naturally.

Add a few cold-weather foods and winterizing will be healthy and tasty for you.

healthy food for winter-oats

Starting the day with Dried Fruits :

Dates(khajoor) and Figs (anjeer) are the best rich dried fruits need to consume in winter which helps to keep warm. Dates are consumed with warm milk in India in winters as they are rich in iron and calcium which also helps in boosting energy. You can also consume oats with fruits like apple and with nuts and seeds too.

Eating Roots Vegetables:

There are some roots veggies that are best in winters for warming. Some of them are carrots, garlic, sweet potatoes and onions, these are kind of veggies which gets digested slowly but generates more amount of heat and also healthy for the body.

Consuming Soups:

Soups contain many ingredients, like beef, veggies, and cream,  which is healthy and keeps you warm. It is also said that soup is perfect in winters. You can also add 100% whole grains in it.

Sick Free Veggies:

Winter is the month of viral infections, sickness, and flu. To avoid getting affected by these you should have these veggies in your daily diet routine. Broccoli, Cauliflower, oysters, and spinach are healthy food in vitamin C and zinc which keeps the immune system healthy.

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