How to make your Relationship better?

How to be Happy in any relationship?

Today I will help you out with how to make your relationship better if you are having a problem with your partner?

How to be Happy in any relationship?

How to evaluate yourself?

Selfish, is what folks are getting today. In today’s world bonding and love is getting fade between relations everyday. Everyone loves their own life, their own status, their own relation, their own position, their own happiness, their own family. Everyone wants to fulfill their wants, theirs needs no matter what but don’t even care if others are getting hurt by it. Nowadays people don’t think once before doing anything for them, but they literally ignore what are other needs, what they want. Sometimes people who are close to you hurt you the most, just because we expected a lot from them and they do different things, say different things. Most of us push other people down just to get fame/money. Some people have the power to make things right but they don’t. Such peoples Ego is higher than their thinking and their standards.

What do you think, is it Right? Do we really care for other feelings, their thinking, their relation/bonding with us? Do we ever think about what they want/what they expect from us? Not really right, we never think about them that’s what separates us from every close one.

The thing is we want everything right but not want to put effort to make things right.

What do you think why I always saying Be One, Be Together. Remember a single person can be defeated easily, but it is too hard to defeat a group of people.No matter in what relation they belong.

How to evaluate yourself?

If we want peace in our life/relation. If we want to make things right. First we have to stop overthinking. Overthinking leads us to misunderstandings, anger, frustration, depression, heartbreak. In such moments we have to keep our ego aside and say sorry first, if you want to save the relationship. Saying sorry doesn’t make your status small or their big, right? We have to take care of our relations with people, with our closed ones, no matter what, if we want to make things right, which have been messed up because of some misunderstandings. In today’s world one brother hates his brother, children hate their parents their decisions, a family doesn’t like other family and their children, husbands have affairs, cheating on their wife, a wife hate their husband, group of friends doesn’t like other group. This how we are living life in such a fuckedup and hatered world.

We sometimes thinks why we have grown? Things were so easy and peaceful when we were kids.No relation problems with anyone,no work pressure,no degree craze, no need of money.

Be First to say Sorry if needed, and try to control the misunderstandings before it reaches a far out of your. Take care of your closed ones. When you think for yourself, try to think also for others who loves you, who has expectations from you .I think it will help alot to maintain strong bond with anyone.

And TOGETHER we make a life which everyone dreams to live. Stay Happy, Stay close, Spread love.

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