Symptoms and Causes for Heart Disease

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Sorry guys was too busy these days so I wouldn’t be able to write some new blog. So today I am going to share with you (a very important) symptoms about heart disease.

Every Living Being on this planet loves their lives, right? It an obvious thing. If someone tries to kill us we just panic and gives out our best to save our life. But why we don’t take care of ourselves or don’t give our best when it comes to Habits?

Habits like anything eating a lot of unhealthy food, smoking, consumption of alcohol, not having food on time of nature, eating whenever we like. All these are the things which puts us into serious health problems, which is known by everyone? Still, we love to consume such foods or things and give it a name of enjoying, right? This time we know that things like these are bad for health but still, we fail to save our life from these habits and end up building deadly diseases, viruses within us. Why?

Do you know? Most common deaths are happening all over the world with Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, etc you don’t believe it right? The same thing happened to me when I came to know this. So I thought I should share it with you guys and aware you with some things which we are following with our daily routines.

Cardiovascular disease generally refers to blocked blood vessels which leads to heart attack, chest pain or stroke.

Heart Disease is on #1 rank people are dying from, accounts from 1 out of 4 deaths, according to the Centre for Disease. Heart Disease is so deadly that plaque in the arteries is progressively built with time if not noticed or controlled within time. When Plaque in arteries it narrows the inner walls which lead to ultimately blocking the flow of blood.

Never Ignore These Heart Symptoms

  • The most common sign of heart danger is the moment when Chest Discomforts.
  • Nausea, Indigestion, Heartburn, or Stomach Pain are the common symptoms people suffer from during the Heart Attack according to many doctors.
  • Pain spreads to the arm also on the symptoms.
  • The time when you Feel Dizzy or Lightheaded, Sudden Throat or Jaw Pain, Snoring, sudden Sweating.
  •  You started getting Exhausted Easily.

Its feels so sad that we are in the 21st century still cannot find a cure to heart disease. But the good news is we have chances to make it better. Some heart disease can be treated today. We also have treatment like repairing and replacing diseased valves.

Prevention to take care of:

To take management of your body and check out to divert your heart back to healthy ways that it’s never too late. As there are usually suggestions for young adults on how they’ll live a healthy way of living going forward. They include:

  • Please Quit smoking
  • Always try to do medication to assist control BP (Blood Pressure).
  • Have a proper diet.
  • Maintain a healthy weight increases physical activity.
  • Quit alcohol consumption.

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