Trolls Effects: Expectations vs. Reality

So friends today I am going to share with you, an unbelievable experience of mine where I have seen changes in human behavior after getting addicted to memes / trolls.

Have you ever thought how does any of the meme can effect your thinking? What kind of changes you see in yourself? Have a Look.

Effects of Memes on Peoples are Good or Bad?

In today’s world troll is made on every popular person, things, movies, characters, dialogues almost everything. Trolls are nothing but jokes to change the mood. Nowadays trolls are read by almost every person who uses social media. Whether it may be Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. Also analysing such things some folks purposely making and sharing such things on social media’s where people make trolls on them and make them famous.

Is reading trolls are good for Peoples?

Yes! The reading troll is good. It is mostly made to change people’s moods. It makes them happy, makes them smile, freshens their mood. But one should take these jokes to make mood fresh rather than getting serious on those topics. Some Trollers nowadays make troll on serious topics, which is not good. Try to ignore them by reading as much as you can.

Do People really getting affected by trolls?

In this era, the troller trolls on serious topics, which is not good for peoples thinking because they are taking it in the wrong way. Trollers should take care of how their trolls are affecting others.Troller should give a message with troll so that people will at least wouldn’t take it seriously. Nowadays, young generations are getting emotionally affected by trolls and ruining their life. Serious Trolls are affecting trolled folks mentally so bad that they started relating their thinking as a troller’s thinking. Mostly trolls ormemes are made by the experience, thoughts, ideas which Memers carry, so it’s not necessary torelate his thinking with yours. One should take it as a joke rather than getting attached to it. Memes which carry Bad/Serious things about someone or something are affecting many peoples thinking very badly, which is not good for them as well as others. Then they notice changes in their behaviour as well and start misbehaving to their colleagues/ parents/ friends without any reason because their thinking is been changing from a while because of those memers.

Don’t ever take trolls/memes seriously, because it will ruin your mood and your relations.


What Troll actually is?

Trolling is defined as making discord on the net by beginning quarrels or upsetting folks by posting inflammatory or off-topic messages in an online community. Basically, a social media troll is someone who purposely says one thing controversial in order to get an increase out of other users.

Things to remember to Stop a troll ruining your life.

Make sure you’re dealing with a troll.

  1. Always assume good faith initially.
  2. Keep your sense of humor. You may be able to joke them out of their misbehaving.
  3. Consider ignoring them. Troll behavior directed at you will usually stop if you don’t add fuel for them to play with.THANKYOU.

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