Secret of Success

The key to be successful in life or any work is that one should control his/her overthinking.

How I controlled my overthinking? How it changed my Life?

It was my last year and me and my friends attended the guest lecture which were hosted in our college. It was my first guest lecture of my whole college life. I never attend any kind of lecture before. The Guest was an old man / Business Experienced. The Topic of the lecture was, how to set your goals /carrier? How to be successful?


The Guest was an Amazing person, with almost 60+ age, also a great influencer. His thoughts, his ideas, his vision towards the world was pretty impressive. Although he spoke about a lot of things about how to set goals, how to be successful etc. The one thing he spoke about just opened my eyes and it gave me a clear direction or you can say an answer to my biggest problem. The things he told helped me a lot with controlling my biggest problem my over-thinking. Actually I was also a big and crazy over-thinker. And it really sucks my day. It happens each and every day before the day of the lecture. My thinking towards peoples, my loved ones were getting too negative day by day because of overthinking. I was watching myself becoming, acting rude with everyone and the worst past is at such time you know that the things you are doing aren’t your kind of things. I was fed-up with my life and everything and one day this man came with an attractive topic how to be Successful? Sometimes I thank God that he send me there, As you know I attended my First lecture of my college life. After that day I was totally a changed man. I was never a serious student actually, I mostly used to spend my whole time with my friends and at the playground. But that day I was forced to attend that lecture because of some reason.

So as that man started speaking I can guarantee the things he spoke about had given answers to many questions of others too. First, he started with his intro, then he started talking about things to do what you like? to understand what you good at? follow that because those things will give a vision to your future and a lot of things. But the way he was explaining, that only showed what kind of speaker he is, and his words just changed my thinking looking towards the world and people.

While talking suddenly he stopped and started talking about Overthinking.

expectations and disappointments

Overthinking, what is overthinking actually, he asked? Overthinking must be good as well as bad, he said. Bad Overthinking is as bad as venom which is too harmful for you as well the people around you. Why? Because when the overthinking attacks you at a great level it just changes your mood your thinking towards your own self and other people. When a person is badly affected by overthinking, his mood is bad a criminal and you know why we call a man a criminal. It’s known as unnecessary overthinking. Its doest kill person physically but mentally. It kills the positivity and positive thinking of a person. Almost every people have the bad habit of overthinking these. And it must be overcome or it makes a person’s life hell. The reason is mostly a stressful life or problems in life.

Overthinking leads a man to Expectations and Expectations are good only from the right people, he said and I was quite agreed with him. Because they care, they know you better, they can make your expectations come true. But expectation from wrong people is worse. Don’t get attached with such kind of folks. It may happen the person who makes you smile today will make you cry tomorrow. Expectations never come true from a wrong person so never expect from such folks. Be in your limit and make sure they don’t cross their limits.

The key to be successful in life or any work is, control your overthinking. Overthinking also gives good results only when a person thinks about the topics which make him great in life and to be successful. It can give different answers to a question.

When he spoke about overthinking he said stop. Stop doing this. Its unnecessary thing, which minds just goes in different ways and joins something with anything, and that’s how your mind becomes unconscious and disturbed. Control your thinking. Its a secret way of getting forward and getting successful in life. Thinking really should be controlled because not all the time thinking helps a person grow. Most of the time a person start thinking irrelevant /trash actually which don’t have any meaning. Which cannot be happened in real life. We just have to control thinking. Think about from which your work is getting done. Stop that thinking which makes our mood sad. It sometimes kills the bonding of a relationship. Because that irrelevant thinking has no limit. It can go deep and deep. Sometimes it makes a person getting depressed very badly.

Control your thinking. Stop those irrelevant things coming in your mind. Which mostly saves a lot of time of a person.

Save precious time, control your thinking, keep smiling, overcome every problem, don’t worry, work hard, BE SUCCESSFUL.

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