How Expectations leads to Disappointments ?

Over-thinking leads a man to Expectations. Right?

You know what Expectations are good but, only from the right people. Because they are the only people who care from the bottom of their heart, they know you better, they can make your expectations come true in a real way.

expectation and disappointment

But, how to understand he/she is the right one, and they’ll not break your trust? Right? 

It’s pretty simple, try to understand the person who wants to come closer to you. Most of the time people who want to take advantage of you and your belongings will also try to come close to you. But the real one will also come in your life one day.  Remember, never ever make anyone a special person unless and until you see the potential in them that they are really serious about you and the bonding between you’ll. Also never ever going to leave you no matter what life puts you in, or how life test you’ll.

Expectations from wrong ones:

Expectations from wrong people are worse or you could say more than a worse. Don’t over-think and get too attached to such people with whom you smiled today. It may happen the person who makes you smile today will make you cry tomorrow. Expectations never come true from the wrong person so never expect from the wrong one/ the takers.

live without expectations

We make some people so important in our lives that their behavioral change crushes our mood, our day, our life so easily. So think before giving a person that kind of power, the power to steal your happiness, a power to make yourself unworthy.

Most of the time the other person doesn’t even know that you have expectations with them, that’s the main reason that they never ever do those things which we are expecting from them. So if you started caring for someone and you expect the same from them let them know, show them that you really care, which will help you as well as them to feel the same. If they are a true person of your life, they’ll stay no matter how rude or stupid you are. But if they are with you to complete their need, and you started showing them that you care or something else, they’ll start moving away from you. As I had said never ever make anyone so special that their absence make your day worse. But you know what? Expectations get created automatically or unexpectedly, so if you don’t want to ruin your mood as well as your happiness, you have to control that feeling or if you really think that you deserve the same things from another person for that you have to first express yourself, your feelings to them, show them, let them know that you really care that will give a step toward your success. It may be a success of relation/ friendship.

Expectations are my favorite Crime & Disappointment is my punishment is the feeling most of the people experience in every stage of their life or with every new sweet person they meet. Have you ever face the same thing in your life? Leave a comment.

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