Unknown Things

What you think if you simply saw some flashes of things that are occurring in your dreams and it really happened and you think “Damn” I saw this before too or some good/bad things happened with you or somebody else’s and you are feeling like the man I had seen this before too, how? Your answer is down.

So it was Aug 3rd, I was living my life pretty well. I got up with a happy face, thankful for a new day, got ready and went for office. Then I started doing my job, I work as a Digital Marketing Executive in my company so started working on the projects. My day was going pretty nice, me and my office colleagues were having fun, laughing, enjoying as daily. As we finished with our work and its time to leave so everyone started packing and was ready to leave and as usual, we left office @ 10. I and my friends I went down talking, laughing sharing things which happened with them that day and as we came on a road and you know what we saw? An accident. “SHIT” 

At 10:30 pm a man came riding on bike/moped. As he was at a good speed and there was water on the road and he continued with the speed. Suddenly a water tanker came from another road. There was a society on the hill and he was coming from that hill road. The tanker was also in a good speed. Then the tanker reached down to the main road and took a turn faster as there were very few vehicles on the road. As the man on the bike was in speed and he saw the truck and he also listened to the horn of the truck I think and because of the water on the road, he didn’t press the brake hard. The time truck gave horn and took the turn in speed the man on a bike lost his control and slept on the road because of the slippery surface and came between the truck tires! The man died on the spot! ‘OH MY GOD’ A very dangerous accident I saw that night. All people on that road was like “WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED HERE”. Everyone rushed towards the accident spot and called the ambulance and police. That night the incident which happened exactly the same way I saw it in my dream I think or I don’t know where did I saw that before?

When I reached home I realized “OMG” the accident I saw today I know that accident, I saw it before too. But then the question remains the same but where? How? I was so much pissed off because of that accident the questions when did I saw the same incident? As that was the first accident happened in front of my eye so I was pretty much sure that I didn’t saw the same incident before.

It was day 4th from that accident, and still, I was afraid of the questions which were in my mind. I wasn’t able to sleep properly from 3 days and whenever I close my eyes the flashback comes in front of me and it that incident is keeping me away from sleep. I don’t know what to do, I shared this with my closed ones and my office friends they gave me hope everything is going to be fine, don’t worry you will forget that too.

And it was Aug 10th, 8th day, I was really pissed because I wasn’t able to forget what I saw and more from that I wasn’t able to convince myself that it was just a hallucination kind of thing. I went for prayer and after prayer the mufti of the masjid started to spread the hadeeth ”the sayings of THE PROPHET MOHAMMED”. The mufti shared many things from hadeeth and he also shared one thing which helped me to find my answer. The answer which I was trying to search within me from 8 days. I got it from the hadeeth. The Prophet said: Before we were born into this world like before a person is sent into this world we have been shown our full life. A person had been shown his entire life, his goods, bad’s, experiences, up’s and down’s, disasters with him or others each and everything.https://amzn.to/31EIDc2

First I was shocked how? Do such things really happened? As I am the follower of the Great Prophet Muhammed I believed it and I got my answer too which gave me a peaceful sleep after it and I think I slept for 12 hrs that day. Also, it was a Saturday and leave from office I just took rest whole day.

I know you will have some questions in your mind. But when I researched on internet that is such things ever happened before with anyone? Then I got this content “People who went from such things it normal if they panic or some begin to imagine new things like it was to happen or they think like they have special powers or their 6th sense is very well working. Some visit to doctors as a result of they’re afraid additionally too sensitive. So guys, its nothing just simply a memory of yours that you’ve got been told or which you saw before your birth by unimaginable powers or natural things which just happens and we don’t know-how and as we believe in God we believes His creations, His doings also He is the one who does everything in this earth as well as all universe.

Isn’t it strange right, things you see in your dreams it is happening in reality. Ever imagined? No, right.

Most people notice this kind of thing in their life. It’s normal actually many peoples have been and many are going through this. When we see things happening, and it realizes that we have seen this before also because it is said by elders and also written in religious books too. That before moving into this world like before a person is born we have been shown our full life. A person had been shown his entire life, his goods, bad’s, experiences, up’s and down’s, disasters with him or others each and everything. That’s the reason they feel like they have seen or heard the same things before too.

In psychology, it is said as that person is having Hallucinations. What are hallucinations? Hallucinations are wherever somebody sees, hears, smells tastes or feel things that don’t exist outside their mind. They’re common in peoples with schizophrenic psychosis and are typically intimate with hearing voices. Hallucinations will be scary, however, but they’re usually an identifiable cause.

Believe or not it a power of nature and all things are done by almighty. His creations are nothing but magic an unbelievable things which non-believers or the average minded peoples will never understand.  

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