Fasting | Ramadan

What is Fasting ?Whats the reason behind it ?

Fasting during the holy month is one of the five pillars of Islam, which also include prayer and charity. To fast, we Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and engaging in sexual activity from dawn to sunset. Muslims follow the lunar calendar, which means Ramadan arrives several days earlier each year.

Fasting doesnt mean just to abstain whole day from food, water .The main reason all peoples should fast because, in fasting we mostly have to control our hunger whole day and many more good advantages are there of fasting we will discuss it further, The Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) said the main big reason behind fasting is that we will understand the value of food and water ,has no doubt which is Allah’s creation . Also we will understand the hunger of the poor, how they survive without food ?how they work empty stomach?. So we should respect poor, needy peoples ,help them to grow because they are the one’s who has nothing to be happy.

The Person who respect the poor is the person who has special place in peoples heart and being loved by Allah as well.

Although Muslims fast during other times of the year, Ramadan is the only time when fasting, or sawm, obligatory;during the entire month for every able Muslim. Ramadan is intended to increase self-control in all areas, including food, sleeping, sex and the use of time.

Fasting helps Muslims develop self-control, gain a better understanding of God’s gifts and greater compassion towards the deprived. Fasting in Islam involves abstaining from all bodily pleasures between dawn and sunset. All things which are regarded as prohibited is even more so in this month, due to its sacredness.

In Quran ,the holy book of Muslims, there is solution for every problems of a person which he faces in his life,also cure for all kind of deseases which peoples faced till now and which are not yet faced.Many Scientists is researching in Quran the cure of the deseases .From which one is Fasting lower the risk of getting heart deseas mentioned in Quran as well as Hadees( hadith refers to reports of statements or actions of Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W), or of his tacit approval or criticism of something said or done in his presence).

Fasting has alot of benefits on human life ,his behaviours,his routine,his anger ,his thinking,his health and lot more.

Fasting help a person to control his behaviour in many ways like interacting with others, the way of speaking ,speaking with respect,giving respect,listen others,etc. A person can control his anger in fasting because fasting is not just abstaining from food and water.Fasting is done to control every sins and do every possible things a be a better person for others ,for himself,and most important for Allah.

Thinking can define a person . Peoples should take care of their thinking because thinking can effect a persons attitude alot. Also Benefits of fasting is Experts have also found that restricting food intake during the day can help prevent health problems such as high cholesterol, heart disease and obesity, as well as improve mental health and wellbeing .

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