The Shameful Truth..


Being a part of this generation, Being around so many People of different kinds, Interests. It just made me realize that how much wordly we have become. All we care about is if we are superior than other people or not. Putting up snapchats, stories of smoking weed, cigarettes, partying. All the things that are forbidden. And what make me sad the most is We, the Ummah of Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W), sacrifised everything for us. For our Religion, For His Faith in Islam and Allah Almighty. We are so cought up following the footsteps of People who We know are going to end up in Hell. And Allah himself will not have any Mercy opon them.

Islam is such a beautiful religion. But Have you ever realize that slowly our Faith is fading away? , have you ever realized that you’re doing everything that is forbidden in Islam? And I…

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