You are never too old to use Internet..

There is a lot say about ‘never being too old’ and ‘with age comes wisdom’ its not always true.I strongly believe that you are never too old to use the internet.

Using internet is good but getting addicted to it is not good.

We all know that using internet makes a persons life easier. That’s the main reason internet is widely used in today’s world.


Whatever we want we can at just get it sitting at one place,which is the biggest advantage of using internet.

If we want to buy something now we don’t have to visit the store ,we got so advanced nowadays that we can do shopping using internet sitting on one place. As well as we came from office and too tired to cook, all we have to just do is open browser use internet and shop whatever we want.We can now order medicines , fruits , vegitables ,clothes ,and almost everything that a man need in his day to day life with the help of shopping websites.

Internet used by old peoples are a kind of good thing. There’s a lot of advantage for them. Mostly its difficult for old ones to go out and shop .Just because of their Problems. So they can make use of Internet to get whatever they need from a same place. They can shop ,download, learn new things of today’s world, music , favorite movies and lot of things ..Using internet makes them happy. They don’t have to go out for getting things done.

I suggest that old ones should make use of internet.They can do alot of things using it.Talk to their loved one’s if they are far away/Abroad, gain their  knowledge using youtube, watch old movies,etc.

In fact i taught many peoples to use internet last year.They seems happy which makes me happy too.

Never say Never..!!

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